Readers, especially those with elderly or infirm loved ones, will have been disturbed by the recent reports of the often disgracefully low standards of care and service provided by private care companies. However, we should not tar them all with the same brush. I can only speak from my own experience of high standards of loving care and excellent service provided during the last two years of my late wife’s life by one such company Gozone care Ltd. She was a very difficult patient, crippled by painful osteo-arthritis and suffering from dementia, was fiercely independent and often hostile to the carers who visited at least three but usually four times daily to provide her basic nursing needs. They did so invariably with great care, tenderness, and good humour – usually what started with an angry patient shouting to the carers to ‘go away’ ended with laughter and carer and patient singing together. Clearly they had been carefully trained by Gozone to provide sympathetic and understanding care. I should add that, apart from being a satisfied client, I have no connection with Gozone. Mr Warner Storrington, West Sussex